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Chinese version of Viagra behind the difficult bir

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there is no doubt that the listing of a generic drug fever is accompanied by the gradual line of the patent drug expiration date. However, Chinese medicine (20.59,   -0.06,   -0.29%) Business Management Association President Yu Mingde bluntly, China's generic drug companies more or to a simple imitation, the influx of a single large number of enterprises in the pharmaceutical market is a waste of resources. Although there are more than 5000 generic pharmaceutical companies in China, but did not form a true imitation pharmaceutical market." Israel, former president of the world's largest generic pharmaceutical company, said the company's former president,canada goose pas cher, Makov.
Author: Wu Yanyu Miao Zhengqing
< p > Viagra in the United States listed in the first week he handed over 1.5 million copies of prescription rosy transcript,canada goose parka pas cher, when time magazine even rare with no reserved words said "the world is waiting for the drug has been 40 years". As of 2013,sac goyard pas cher, Viagra has sold 300 million worldwide, has become the most profitable Pfizer Inc in China market "gold".
< p > two months later,louboutin homme pas cher, the world's largest pharmaceutical company Pfizer Viagra (commonly known as "Viagra") at the end of the period of patent protection,doudoune canada goose parka, which means Chinese pharmaceutical companies through the imitation way to enter the coveted for a long time the market. The original Pfizer to abandon the use of drugs for the treatment of coronary heart disease, in 1991 was found to have a prominent effect on male sexual dysfunction, followed by the magic blue pill to Viagra, the name of the world.
< p > up to now, Jiangsu Lianhuan pharmaceutical,hogan outlet, Sichuan, source based pharmaceutical,peuterey outlet online, biochemical pharmaceutical Zhuhai, Beijing midsky Kangda medicine, Guangdong biochemistry and pharmaceutical pharmaceutical companies in China have been in applications like Viagra drug approvals,hogan outlet online, a battle of the era after Pfizer Viagra quietly started.
< p > two years ago, Viagra patent expires in Korea, the market instantly appear 28 models Generic Viagra, which makes Pfizer lost 57% of South Korea's market share. At the moment,nike tn pas cher, Viagra "amulet" in the Chinese market is also close to surrender period,ralph lauren pas cher, Chinese pharmaceutical companies have begun to consider the era of post Pfizer Viagra markets who advocate ups and downs.
< p > a large area of pharmaceutical patent protection have expired opened the golden age of generics, but the face of great temptation of Chinese pharmaceutical companies need to solve various puzzles imitation on the road.
is the world's only patented drug Viagra patent expirations triggered a microcosm of the generics market shocks. From the beginning of 2012 3 years,michael kors outlet online, the world will have more than 600 kinds of patents have expired, for more than nine into drugs are generic drugs in the Chinese market, this will be a huge temptation.
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imitation pharmaceutical temptation
4 15, the Ministry of industry and information technology,goyard pas cher, the State Food and Drug Administration and other eight ministries jointly interpret the opinions on the work of the supply of low-cost drugs to do the work of the opinion, to give priority to the approval of the approval of the number of clinical urgent need to copy the registration application.
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